• Ed Jenkins

Maine Bird Rarity Round-Up: November 20th-27th.

Welcome to our first rarity round-up! Each week we plan to briefly sum-up and discuss any vagrants and rarities in Maine from the past week, right here on the blog.

The headline rarity this past week was a yellow-breasted chat at Capisic Pond in Portland which was first reported on the 21st and present through to at least the 26th. This typically skulking individual gave many birders the runaround but was found regularly in the scrub with patience.

Other unusual reports consisted primarily of late records of species such as pine warblers at various coastal sites, blackpoll warblers at Biddeford Pool (21st) and Pond Cove (26th), a Cape May warbler in Eastport (24th), and a prairie warbler at Kettle Cove throughout the week, while dickcissels were found at Biddeford Pool (23rd), Kennebunk (24th-25th), and Kettle Cove (present all week).

Late tree swallows were also reported in both York and Cumberland county at multiple sites and, one that got away, a possible cave swallow (!) was discussed at Beach Plum Farm, Ogunquit, on the 22nd, but was not confirmed.

By Ed Jenkins