• Ed Jenkins

A fresh point of view

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Welcome to Eco Ornis, a collaborative blog by birders and scientists from Maine.

Cedar Waxwing. Seal Island NWR, ME, 2014. © Ed Jenkins

Welcome to Eco Ornis! Brainchild of Julia Gulka, Doug Hitchcox and myself, we aim to publish regular blog pots here about birds and their conservation, both in Maine and elsewhere, throughout 2020 and beyond. We plan to produce a whole range of content of interest for those of us who care about finding and observing birds, their biology and ecology, and the challenges they face. We hope to combine a mixture of scientific communication, bird identification, birding trip reports, book and gear reviews, and interviews with fascinating people, with the aim of promoting the understanding and enjoyment of birds.

Ed Jenkins

December 2019